Photo by Maria Baranova / Courtesy of PS122

The Art of Luv (Part 2): Starbucks Infinity

by Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble

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The Art of Luv (Part 2): Starbucks Infinity is a ritual that takes place in a video terrarium made of images of Starbucks collaged from popular romantic comedies and YouTube videos. Starbucks is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere: upscale yet generic, a ubiquitous yet unmemorable place where intimate relationships (on-screen and in “real life”) are begun, negotiated, and ended. Our Starbucks terrarium is an ever-shifting psychedelic landscape in which characters from different films, commercials, and YouTube videos interact over a cup of coffee. By realizing the most popular meeting-place as a transdimensional portal, the Ensemble will place the audience at the intersection of economy and humanity, asking what it means to be truly #BASIC.

Estimated Project Dates

January 2017

Estimated Budget