Cathedral Scan album (drums version)

by Blake Carrington

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Cathedral Scan is an audiovisual performance and full-length album that sonifies the architectural plans of Gothic cathedrals, each with unique rhythmic possibilities that can be played in many different ways. For each performance, I pick from a library of over 200 plans and plot a set list, for example going from the plan of Notre Dame to Amiens to Cologne to Milan, each as a separate track. The piece premiered at Elektra Festival in Montreal in 2010, then was released by Dragon’s Eye Recordings the following year. This year I started work on a follow-up album, and teamed up for the first time with drummer Leo Lazar (Lazar Crash, Joel Havea Trio) for a world-premiere concert in Hamburg. We rehearsed for about five minutes before the show, then improvised through a really kick-ass set that lasted over an hour, capped off by my first encore ever. Next up is to record an album together and take the show on the road! Recording studio and mastering are major costs, and I’d like to do a 12” vinyl pressing in an edition of 1000 that also includes a piece of visual art in the sleeve.

Video excerpt: “Cathedral Scan (Drums version)” with Leo Lazar at Westwerk, Hamburg July 2015

Debut album “Cathedral Scan” released in 2011 by Dragon’s Eye Recordings

Estimated Project Dates

Spring 2016: Album recorded, mastering completed
Summer 2016: Vinyl albums cut, distribution deals with shops and publishers arranged
All of 2016: Applications sent to festivals and other tour opportunities

Estimated Budget