Chuck. Chuck. Chuck.

January 2009
The Collapsable Hole, Brooklyn, NY

Chuck. Chuck. Chuck. is a collage of performance, video, music, and dance that uses William Faulkner’s novel As I Lay Dying as a departure point for a broader examination of failure, secular faith and family.

The subject of the piece, and of the novel, is a family’s arduous attempt to return their dead mother to her birthplace for burial. It is an endeavor repeatedly described as pointless and futile by all who encounter them on their travels. Failure follows the Bundren family throughout with the daughter’s inability to procure an abortion drug, a son’s thwarted efforts to burn his mother’s coffin and a flood that causes the family to lose their mules and another son to lose his leg. These failures are consumptive and spectacular, upending the already delicate balance that has allowed this family to survive. Through a combination of emotional inadequacy, dysfunction and unhappy circumstance (complicated by their social and economic position), we bear witness to the disintegration of a family and the failure of love or even familial bonds to rescue them.

"Like Faulkner's prose, Chuck.Chuck.Chuck. is cold, murky, relentless, and occasionally thrilling. J.J. Lind, deftly directing, arranges...the palpable disconnect between the family members, who grieve (or fail to) on completely different planes."

− The Village Voice

"The modular structure and stream-of-consciousness style of William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying make the novel a daunting choice for theatrical adaptation. Yet Immediate Medium's new production, Chuck.Chuck.Chuck., rises to the formidable challenge, offering a riveting and powerful look at the famous journey of the Bundren family."

− Backstage

"By the end of the performance, I found I had been taught a few things about genre labels, the nature of choreography, and the use of dance as a brilliant theatrical accent instead of a tell-all centerpiece."

− Brooklyn Rail

"People in Williamsburg have been known to do novel things with industrial lofts, but what Immediate Medium has done to the Collapsable Hole theater is almost magical."

− Block Magazine

Directed by
JJ Lind

Liz Vacco

Production Design
Maki Takenouchi

Sound & Video
Rob Ramirez

Musical Direction
Jacob Cooper

Robin Aigner
Megan Campisi
Suzie Chung
Max Dana
Brady Jenkins
LeAnn Lind
Michael Rushton
Caroline Shaw
Hugh Sinclair*
Siobhan Towey
Liz Vacco
Ben Vershbow

* Appeared courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association