Who We Are.

Immediate Medium is a non-profit producing and performance collective dedicated to the creation of hybrid works of art that challenge formal distinctions between performance, dance, film, sculpture, and architecture. Through a unique collective producing model, we offer comprehensive support and professional development to diverse artists, each making vital, experiential art that provokes creators and audiences alike.

Founded in 2002, Immediate Medium is a community of artists from diverse ethnic, economic and geographic backgrounds, each working in disparate artistic disciplines (theater, dance, film, fine art). Since our inception, we have endeavored to create dynamic, highly collaborative performance pieces that draw from our diverse backgrounds.  Our programs offer artists a home for experimentation and risk-taking; a strong co-operative producing model; a community dedicated to new forms of hybrid performance; and production resources, including commissions, residencies, fiscal sponsorship, marketing, PR, fundraising, and administrative support.

Core Company Members

JJ Lind


Max Dana


Siobhan Gandy


Rob Ramirez


Maki Takenouchi


Board of Directors

Sheila Parekh-Blum
Lisa Clair
Max Dana, Treasurer
Brady Jenkins

JJ Lind, Secretary
Michelle Preston
Liz Vacco

Artistic Associates

Robin Aigner
James Allerdyce
Vanessa Anspaugh
Esteban Arboleda
Caitlin Berger
Alex Bleeker
Robert Bloom
Tei Blow
Gary Bronz
David Bruin
The Bureau for the Future of Choreography
Megan Campisi
Blake Carrington
Melissa Chambers
Suzie Chung
Lisa Clair
David Commander
David Conison
Jacob Cooper

Milo Cramer
Max Cramer
G. Lucas Crane
Jeffrey Cranor
Gabrielle Demeestere
Lydia Fine
Jason Gandy
Morgan Green
The Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure
Toussaint Jeanlouis
Brady Jenkins
Ben Kerrick
Nathan Lemoine
Rachel Levy
LeAnn Lind
Ainna Manapat
Kaitlin Mackenzie
Equiano Mosieri
Sean McElroy

Alden Moore
Nadege Nechadi
Guy Penini
Mateo Prendergast
Michelle Preston
Rob Ramirez
Dan Rousseau
Michael Rushton
Caroline Shaw
Jonathan Shmidt
David Shillinglaw
Hugh Sinclair
Mike Smart
Julie Stainer-Loehr
Jillian Sweeney
Sergei Tcherepnin
Ben Vershbow
Madeline Wise